S.N. Name Discription City
1 A.K. Engineering & Maintenance Fabrication Works Engineering & Maintenance Fabrication Works Pithampur
2 A.K. Machine Tools Machine Tools Pithampur
3 A.K. Paper Products Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
4 AADI Chemtrade (P) Ltd. Transformer Oils Pithampur
5 Aakash Casting (P) Ltd. Aluminium Sheets / Sections Pithampur
6 Abhishek Structures (P) Ltd. Automotive Leaf Spring Pithampur
7 Adavnce Group of Companies   Pithampur
8 Adimali Industries Limited Treads Rubbers Pithampur
9 Advance Emzyme Enzyme, Agri Product Pithampur
10 Advance Supratank Ltd. Sulphonic Acid, Acid Slurry. Pithampur
11 Agmore Industries Fishing Nets Pithampur
12 Agrawal Industries Pvt. Ltd. Marul Powder Pithampur
13 Agrawal Packaging Industries Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
14 Agya Auto Limited Automotive Leaf Spring Pithampur
15 Ahok Industries Tensil Spring Pithampur
16 Ajay Engineering Works Ferrous And Non Ferrous Job Works Pithampur
17 Akash Stamping (P) Ltd. Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Precision Engg. Pithampur
18 Allied Asia Gears Ltd.   Pithampur
19 Allied Metal Fabricators Brass & Alluminium Utencils Pithampur
20 Allo Ayur Formulation (P) Ltd. Export Houses Pithampur
21 Allwin Chemicals & Fertilizers (P) Ltd. Manufacturers of : Pesticides, Micronutrient, Fertilizers & Organic Manuare Pithampur
22 Al-Madina Auto Parts Total Truck Motor Parts, Oil Grease Available Pithampur
23 Alpha Engineers Hydro Electric Ramp, Engine Working Station, Measuring Instruments, Bajaj RSO Material, Auto Chain Cleaner, Tools Trolly, S.S. Engine Table & Filter Stands & Pneumatic Machine Tools & Accessories Pithampur
24 Amarnath Packaging (P) Ltd. PVC Lamination / Chocklate Paper Pithampur
25 Ambica Steel CI Casting Pithampur
26 Ambika Engineering Mfg. of Sheet Metal Components Pithampur
27 Amir Chem Pvt. Ltd. Drugs, Intermediate Pithampur
28 Amrit Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. Regid PVC Pipes Pithampur
29 Amulya Export Ltd. Steel Pipes & Tubes Pithampur
30 Anand Cables & Conductors H.V. Wires, Wires Nails, Rufing Nails Pithampur
31 Anand Engineering   Pithampur
32 Anant Steels (P) Ltd. Tor, Steel Bars Pithampur
33 Angel Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Paracetamol, Sod., Para-Nitro Pithampur
34 Angira Electricals Industries Different Types of Size of Transformers Pithampur
35 Anglo French Drugs and Industries Ltd. Pharmaceutical, Injectable Pithampur
36 Anglo-French Drugs & Industrial Ltd. Injectable Pharmaceutical Plant Pithampur
37 Ankur Cables PVC - Wires & Cabel Pithampur
38 Ankur Crimpers & Text Wrised (P) Ltd. Polyester Texturesed Yarn Pithampur
39 Anuj Woollen (P) Ltd. Tool Room Works Pithampur
40 Aparna Tools & Components Pvt. Ltd. Job Work of Camshaft. Pithampur
41 Apurva India Ltd. Paints & Polish Polymers Pithampur
42 Apurva Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. Anchor V-Belts Pithampur
43 Arpijay Fabricators (P) Ltd. Tippers & Bus Body Builders Pithampur
44 Arvin India Weighing Machine Pithampur
45 Arvind Chemicals Zinc Chloride, Caustic Soda, Bleaching Powder, Sodium Sulphite, Bisulphate, Meta Bisulphate, Toncil Pithampur
46 Arya Filaments Pvt. Ltd. Tungstone Wire, Molybdenum Wire Pithampur
47 Aryawart Yantriky Material Handling Solution & Tool Room. Pithampur
48 Asha Airochem Gases Pvt. Ltd. Argon Gases Pithampur
49 Ashian Reflector Co. Metalighted Automobiles Reflector Pithampur
50 Ashirwad Steel Industries All Types of Leath Jobworks, Auto Fabricators, Erection And Dai Maintenance Work Pithampur
51 Ashish Industries   Pithampur
52 Asian Auto Industries Manufacturers of Leaf Springs Pithampur
53 Asian Marine Services Trading of Marine Services. Pithampur
54 Asiatic Petro Chemicals Industrial Solvent & Wex Pithampur
55 Atlas Stampings (P) Ltd. Silicon Stamping Pithampur
56 Atul Engineering Works Auto Leaf Spring Pithampur
57 Atul Suspension & Fastners (P) Ltd. Auto Leaf Spring Pithampur
58 Audi Automobiles Bus Body Building Pithampur
59 Automan (Metalman Auto (P) Ltd.) Auto Parts Pithampur
60 Avanti Enterprises Sugar Cubes Pithampur
61 Avon Herbals Pvt. Ltd. Perfumed Oil, Mehandi, Ayurvedic Products Pithampur
62 Avone Herbals (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
63 AVTEC Limited Contessa, Ambassador, Lancer, Tractor, Ford, GM Pithampur
64 B.C.M. Organic Chemical (Indore) (P) Ltd. Plasticizers (C.P.W.) Hydraulics Acid Pithampur
65 B.K. Rubber Industries Tubes forTyres Pithampur
66 Bachan Caps Pvt. Ltd. PP Caps, Aluminium Tear of Caps Pithampur
67 Bakul Tech (P) Ltd. Cut Wire Pithampur
68 Balaji Lubricants (P) Ltd. Lubricants Oil Pithampur
69 Balaji Printing   Pithampur
70 BelMaks Metal (India) Limited Eicher Chassis, Motor Vehicle Parts Pithampur
71 Benz Gases & Chemicals Co2 Gases Pithampur
72 Beryl Drugs Limited Small Volume Injectables And Large Volume Parentrals. Pithampur
73 Beta Corporation Ltd. Pressure Vessels. Pithampur
74 Bhagirath Coach & Metal Fab. (P) Ltd. Iron Steel Fabrication Coach Bus Body Building Fabrication Job Work Pithampur
75 Bhagwati Oversease Pesticides Pithampur
76 Bhagyashri Chemicals Amonia Paper Pithampur
77 Bhagyawanti Granite & Stone Pvt. Ltd. Granite & Polished Slabes Pithampur
78 Bhansali Stainless Ltd. Mfrs. & Exporters of Statinless Steel Wires Pithampur
79 Bhanu Iron & Steel Co. Iron & Steel Pithampur
80 Bharat Aromatic Pvt. Ltd. Essential Oils Pithampur
81 Bharat Industries Maintainess Job Works. Pithampur
82 Bharat Petrolium Co. Ltd. Bottling of LPG Cylinder Pithampur
83 Bharat Petroproducts Co. (P) Ltd. Mfg. of : All Grades of Bitumen And Bitumen Emulsion, CRMB, PMB, NRMB. Pithampur
84 Bhawana Electric Works Specialist A.C,D.C. Motor Rewinding, Industrial Motor, Sumbersible Pumps, Starter Repairing. Pithampur
85 Bimla Steels Leaf Springs Pithampur
86 Bio Past Chemicals Ltd. Endosulfan Pithampur
87 Biopest Chemicals Chemicals Pithampur
88 Bisco Limited Steel Plates Pithampur
89 BLF Polymers Pvt. Ltd. PVC Pipes Pithampur
90 BNL Amonia Pvt. Ltd. Gas Supplier of Industrial Gases Pithampur
91 Boss Agro Chemicals (P) Ltd. Pesticide Pithampur
92 Bridgestone India (P) Ltd. Redial Passenger Car Tyre Pithampur
93 Bright Brothers Limited Injection Moulding Plastic Product Pithampur
94 Bright Metal Industries Planting Works Pithampur
95 Bulkpack Export Limited   Pithampur
96 Bunge India (P) Ltd. Soya Refined Oil & Dalda Vanaspati Pithampur
97 Buraplast Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Containers & Bottles Pithampur
98 Burplast Packaging (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
99 Bushan Caps   Pithampur
100 Calcutta Alloy Steel House Industrial Raw Materials, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium & Alloy Steel, EN 8, 9, 24, 31, M.S. Bright Bar Hchcr etc. Pithampur
101 Cap & Seal (Indore) (P) Ltd. Aluminium P.P. Caps Pullex Caps & Flip of Seals Pithampur
102 Caparo Engineering India (P) Ltd. Auto Parts Pithampur
103 Caster Oil Derivative (P) Ltd. Caster Oil, Derivatives Pithampur
104 Cee Cee Power Hydraulics (P) Ltd. Airline Equipment And Meterial Handling Equip. Pithampur
105 Century Drugs Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Pithampur
106 Chetak Autoengineering Products Co. (P) Ltd. Cabin Body forL&T, Sheet Metals Parts forAutomobile. Pithampur
107 Choradia Packaging Packaging Pithampur
108 Chordia Packaging Packaging Pithampur
109 Choudhary & Sons Auto & Semi Labeling Machine, Bottle Washing Machine Plate Pithampur
110 Chouhan Electrical Works Welding Machinery Pithampur
111 Chouhan Enterprises Job Works Pithampur
112 Chourasia Traders Stockist in All Kinds of Industrial Gases, Welding Material & Accessories Pithampur
113 CIMECO Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Fabrication of Pressure vessels Pithampur
114 Cipla Ltd. Pharmaceutical Company Pithampur
115 CLC (Spentex Industries Ltd.)   Pithampur
116 Commercial Synbag Ltd. HDPE / PP FIBC, Woven Sacks & Tarpaulin Pithampur
117 Container Corpn. of India Ltd. Container Importers & Exporters Pithampur
118 Control Equipments & Service Centre Cummins Diesel Sets-Spare Parts & Service. Pithampur
119 Cosmos Electrodes (P) Ltd. Welding Electrodes Pithampur
120 Creative Propack Ltd.   Pithampur
121 Cresent Emeging Systems Fabrication Works Pithampur
122 Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd. Core Assembly forLaw MVH Pithampur
123 D.D. Chemicals Finayal Pithampur
124 Dabur India Ltd. Dabur Pithampur
125 Dagalia Agro Base Chemical Pvt. Ltd. Pharmacy Products Pithampur
126 Dazzle Paints & Chemicals (P) Ltd. Industrial Solvent & Thinner Pithampur
127 Decostyle Technics (P) Ltd. Circular Saw Blade Pithampur
128 Deeksha Associates Engineers Solution -Anchoring of Rebar's, Core Cutting, Wall Saw, Floor Saw, Anchoring With Hilti Solution. Pithampur
129 Delux Crown Cork (P) Ltd. PVC Coated & Printed Cork. Pithampur
130 Devpriya Alloys (P) Ltd. High Alloys & S.S. Castings Pithampur
131 Dhananjaya Food Pvt. Ltd. Caramel Food, Colour & Sugar Product Pithampur
132 Dhanraj Organic (P) Ltd. Primary Plasticizer Pithampur
133 Dhar Automatives Pvt. Ltd. Alloy Steels Pithampur
134 Dhar Coal Products P. Ltd. SSF And Coal Tar Pithampur
135 Dhar Paper Cone Industry / Surbhi Paper Cone Industry Paper Cones Pithampur
136 Dhar Plasticizers P. Ltd. Plasticizer & Acid HCL Acid Pithampur
137 Dhiraj Enterprises RCC Home Pipe Pithampur
138 Divya Jyoti Industries Ltd. Soyabean Oil Pithampur
139 Domestic Plastic Industries HM/HDPE Printed Films & Bags. Pithampur
140 Durga Engineering Works Mfrs. & Deals in All Types of Gears, Turning, Milling, Die & Metal Alloy Casting Pithampur
141 Dwarka Auto Engg. Three Wheelers Loading Rickshaw Pithampur
142 Dwarka Sheeth Udyog Cold Storage Pithampur
143 Dynamic Engineers Automobile Components Pithampur
144 Dynatech Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Thermocol Plant Pithampur
145 Econoprint Stencils (P) Ltd. Duplicating Stencil Paper Pithampur
146 Eicher Motors Ltd. Commercial Whicle Mfrs. Pithampur
147 Emerald Tobacco (P) Ltd. Cigarette & Tobacco Prod. Pithampur
148 Erawat Engineering (P) Ltd. Pharmaceutical M/C Manufacturer, Job Works Pithampur
149 Erawat Pharma Ltd. Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules Pithampur
150 Excell Engineering Rubber Moulded Components Pithampur
151 Faith Foods (P) Ltd. Faith Foods Pithampur
152 Fatehpuria Vidyut Udyog (P) Ltd. Power Distribution Transformers Pithampur
153 Firoj Sethna (P) Ltd. Sheet Metal Fabrication Pithampur
154 Flexituff International Limited HDPE/PP, Woven Sacks Pithampur
155 Force Motors Limited Light Commercial Vehicles. Pithampur
156 Fortune Stones Limited Fortune Stones Pithampur
157 Fraternity Plasto Fab (P) Ltd. Woven Sacks Pithampur
158 Ful Ford India Ltd. Basic Drugs And Formulation Pithampur
159 G.C.S. Metaorgaincs Epoxidised Soya Oil Pithampur
160 G.M. Metals Sheet Metal Die Tools Manufacturing & Special Purpose Machine Pithampur
161 G.M. Steel Industries Steel Pithampur
162 Gagan Gases Ltd. L.P.G. Bottaling Pithampur
163 Gail (India) Limited Gases Suppliers Pithampur
164 Galaxy Components (P) Ltd. Components of Eicher, Eicher Tractor Pithampur
165 Ganesh Goods Carriers Transport Contractors & Booking Agent, Booking : FTL-LCV And Part Load All Over India Pithampur
166 Garg Enterprises Mfrs. of Plastic House Ware & Packeging Items Indore
167 Garg Plastic Industries Establishing Operating, Rubber Hawai Chappals Pithampur
168 Gas & Allied Products Mfrs of Nitrous Oxide Gases Pithampur
169 Gati Limited   Pithampur
170 Gatiman Auto (P) Ltd. Automobile Components Pithampur
171 Gautam Chemicals & Paints Pvt. Ltd. Thinner Oil Bonded Distemper Pithampur
172 Gayatri Insecticides India (P) Ltd. Insecticide Pithampur
173 Gayatri Welds Pvt. Ltd. CCMS Wire And Straight Wire Pithampur
174 Gilt Pack Limited Export Houses, PP Woven Sacks, Jumbo Bags And HDPE Pithampur
175 Girnar Fibers Limited 100% Cotton Yarn Pithampur
176 Global Industries Engineering forPrecision Jobs. Pithampur
177 Gold Filaments Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Mona Filament Rope & Twin Pithampur
178 Green Cross Agro Chemicals (P) Ltd. Pesticide / Insecticides Pithampur
179 Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd. Soya Solvent Extraction Oil & Cake Flour Pithampur
180 Gupta Air Products (P) Ltd. Industrial Gases. Pithampur
181 Guru Krapa Metal Works Lead P, Bright Zinc, Passivation, Blackening, Phosphating, Anodizing, Copper, Plating Pithampur
182 Hans Auto Pvt. Ltd. Aluminium Pressure Die Casting Pithampur
183 Harshdeep (P) Ltd. Kamani Pithampur
184 Harshdeep Appliances (P) Ltd. Auto Leaf Spring Pithampur
185 Harshvardhan's Laboratories (P) Ltd. Vetenary & Human Food Products Pithampur
186 Hasti Pumps & Cooling App. Cooler Pithampur
187 Hej Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Machinery Eqpt. Pithampur
188 Hemu Packaging PP/LD/LLDP Bags, Rolls, Sheets Laminated Pouch Pithampur
189 Hes Engineering (P) Ltd. Machinery Items forDistillerier Plant Pithampur
190 HIM Teknoforge Limited Forging forAutomobiles & Engineering'S Pithampur
191 Hi-Mech Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. Sheet Metal Part Pithampur
192 Hind Condenser Colour Television Pithampur
193 Hindustan Motors Automobile Division Pithampur
194 Hindustan Phosphates (P) Ltd. Dicalcium Phosphate Pithampur
195 Hindusthan Carriers Corporation Fleet Owner & Transport Contractor Pithampur
196 Hi-Tech Butterfly Valvin India (P) Ltd. Industrial Valves Pithampur
197 Hygine Wear International Ltd.   Pithampur
198 I.K. Engineering   Pithampur
199 India Nets Nylon Rope, Sports Net & Fishing Nets. Pithampur
200 India Trading Corporation Electro & Electrical Goods Pithampur
201 Indian Iron Works Leth Works & Fabricators Pithampur
202 Indian Steel Welding Works Pithampur
203 Indo Borex & Chemicals Ltd. Boric Acid Powders / Granular, Borax Pithampur
204 Indo Carbon Gases Mfrs. of D.A. Gas Pithampur
205 Indo Micro Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. Brass Metal Pithampur
206 Indorama Synthetics (I) Limited Viscose, Polyster Yarn Pithampur
207 Indore Automotive Components Industries Automotive Components Pithampur
208 Indore CNC Private Ltd. Parts Finishing Pithampur
209 Indore Composite (P) Ltd. Plastic Composite Profiles Pithampur
210 Indore Metal Forms (P) Ltd. Pressed Steel Doors & Windows Pithampur
211 Indore Metal Trade Ltd. Zinc Metal Pithampur
212 Indore Wire Company Ltd. Low Relax, PC Wire Pithampur
213 Indra Polyfabs Ltd. Synthetics Detergent Cake. Pithampur
214 Indus Technologies Automobiles Engine Parts Pithampur
215 Industrial Painting Services All Kinds of Industrial & Automobile Painting And Skilled Labour Suppliers Pithampur
216 Inheart Gases Pvt. Ltd. Oxygen Gases Pithampur
217 IPF - Vikram India Ltd. Synthetics Detergent Cake. Pithampur
218 Ishkul Paper Plast Pvt. Ltd. Paper Cones Pithampur
219 J.K. Files & Tools Division Raymond Ltd., Files Products Pithampur
220 J.M. Engineering CNC Turning & Manufacturing of Material Handling Equipment Pithampur
221 J.M. Springs Pvt. Ltd. Auto Leaf Springs & Jackrod Pithampur
222 Jai Corp. Ltd. HDPE/PP Tape/Strip, Woven Fabrics Pithampur
223 Jai Durga Maa Electric Works Motor Rewinding & Submersible Pump Repairing Pithampur
224 Jai Maa Vaishnav & Co. Deals in : All Types of Scraps Pithampur
225 Jaideep Glass Works Ltd. P.V. Yarn Pithampur
226 Jaideep Ice & Cold Storage Preservation of Potatoes & Veg. Pithampur
227 Jaihind Industries Tempo, Trax, Metadors Pithampur
228 Jaiswal Engineering All Kinds of Die Work, Press Comp. Tool Room Work & Fabrication Work Pithampur
229 Jenifer Pharmaceuticals Medicine (Pharmaceutical- Tablets) Pithampur
230 Jewel Seamless Limited   Pithampur
231 JPF Vikram India Ltd. (Unit II)   Pithampur
232 Juneja Crane Service (P) Ltd. Crane Services Pithampur
233 Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. Detergent Powder Pithampur
234 K. Bajaj Rubber Pvt. Ltd. Auto Tyres Pithampur
235 K.C. Iron & Steel (P) Ltd. Bright Bar & Drawing Pithampur
236 K.D. Mech Engineerings Bottle Washing Machine. Pithampur
237 K.G.N. Enterprises   Pithampur
238 K.K. Plast (P) Ltd Mfrs. of Colour Waste Yarn Pithampur
239 K.K. Scrap (Unit-1) Washers Iron Pithampur
240 K.S. Engineering Tool Room Work Pithampur
241 Kach Motors Pvt. Ltd. Bright Bars / Wire Shot Pithampur
242 Kalani Asbestos (Div. Kalani Ind. Ltd.) A.C. Pressure Pipe Pithampur
243 Kalani Cold Storage Cold Storage Ice Manufactures. Pithampur
244 Kalani Industries Ltd. Export Houses Pithampur
245 Kalani International Pvt. Ltd. Lamps Pithampur
246 Kamla Auto Industries Manufacturer of : Steel Bushes & Automobile Components Pithampur
247 Kanchan Precisions (P) Ltd. Fabricated Items Pithampur
248 Kapil Steel Ltd. (Rubber Division) Rubber Sole Parts Pithampur
249 Kapil Steel Ltd. (Steel Division) Steel Re-Rolling Products Pithampur
250 Kapila Lamps (P) Ltd. G.L.S. Lamps Pithampur
251 Kasta Pipes (P) Ltd. Regid PVC Pipe Pithampur
252 Kaushalya Auto Springs Pvt. Ltd. Leaf Springs Pithampur
253 Keno Pharma Surgical Pvt. Ltd. Disposable Syring Needle Pithampur
254 Kesar Alloys & Metals (P) Ltd. M.S. Ingots Pithampur
255 Khandelwal Caps & Clousers (P) Ltd. PP Caps Pithampur
256 Khandelwal Industries PP Caps Pithampur
257 Kinetic Engg. Ltd. Kinetic Mopeds Pithampur
258 Kinetic Motors Automobile Manufacturing Unit Pithampur
259 Kirti Industries Railway Job Work, Steel Job Works. Pithampur
260 Kishan Extructions Ltd. Agricultural PVC Pipes Suction Hoses Pithampur
261 Kislya Pharmaceutical Ltd. Tannic Acid, Herbal Dry Extats Pithampur
262 Kohinoor Eelctronics Pvt. Ltd. Black & White T.V. Pithampur
263 Kohinoor Elastic Pvt. Ltd. Elastic Tap Pithampur
264 Kohinoor Plastic   Pithampur
265 Kool Toolzart Materials (P) Ltd. Art Materials Pithampur
266 Kores India Ltd. (B.M. & S.D.) Photocopy Machine & Stationery Items Pithampur
267 Kothari Agrochem (I) Ltd. Pesticide Insectide Pithampur
268 Kothari Fnalex Limited HDPE Pipe, PVC Pipe Pithampur
269 Kripa Industries India Oil Pithampur
270 Krishi Oils Limited Processed Vegetable Oils Pithampur
271 Krishna Springs India Ltd. Auto Leaf Springs Pithampur
272 Kriti Industries India Ltd. PVC Pipe Pithampur
273 Kuchchal Light Metal Ltd. Manufacturer of Aluminium Profiles Pithampur
274 Kudos Rubber Udyog High Pressure Rubber Canvas Pipe & Hose Pipe. Pithampur
275 Kukson Foot Care Ltd. Est. Operating Rubber Hawai Chappal Pithampur
276 Kulkarni Fabricators Industrial Fabrication Works Pithampur
277 Kushwaha Electricals & Engineering   Pithampur
278 L&T-Case Equipment (P) Ltd. Tractor Loaders Pithampur
279 Lampcap India (P) Ltd. Bulb Cap Pithampur
280 Larsen & Toubro Limited Transmission Line Tower Part Pithampur
281 Laxmi Pipes & Fitting (P) Ltd Rigid PVC Pipes & Fittings Pithampur
282 Lemp Cap India (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
283 Liugong India Pvt. Ltd. Earthmoving Equipment Pithampur
284 Lloyd Insulations (I) Ltd. Division : Supercera Fibers & Polyurethanes Pithampur
285 Lucky Enterprises Mfrs. of Corrugated Boxes & Duplex Boxes Pithampur
286 M.A. Brothers   Pithampur
287 M.P. Electric Corporation Electric Motors Transformers Pithampur
288 M.P. Gears (P) Ltd. Automobile Gear & Accessories Pithampur
289 M.P. Metelargical (P) Ltd. Coated Cent Pithampur
290 M.P. Petrochem Ltd. Petroleum Products. Pithampur
291 M.P. Waste Management Project Hazarduswaste Disposal Site Pithampur
292 M.V. Enterprises PP Caps Pithampur
293 Maa Annapurna Engineering   Pithampur
294 MACRS Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Injectable Liquid Ointment Pithampur
295 Madhu Aluminium (P) Ltd. Manufacturers of Aluminium Profiles Pithampur
296 Madhya Pradesh Metal Powders Aluminium Powder, Pyro, Aluminium Powder, Aluminium Paste. Pithampur
297 Magna Inks Ltd. Printer Ribbons. Pithampur
298 Mahaveer Engineering Specialist: Lathe Work, All Type Gears Cutting Tool, Dies, & All Types of Machining Work Pithampur
299 Mahima Purespun Cotton Yarn Pithampur
300 Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. Two Wheelers Pithampur
301 Mahle Migma Ltd. Manufacturers of : Camshafts & Valve Tappets Pithampur
302 Makhijani PVC (P) Ltd. Photo Album Pithampur
303 Makin Laboratories (P) Ltd. Tablets, Capsules, Liquid & Ayurvedic Pithampur
304 Malvika Agrotek Pvt. Ltd. Wire Nails Pithampur
305 Malwa Food Products Food Products Biscuits & Bred Pithampur
306 Malwa Industries Windows, Sets, Flats Strips Angle Pithampur
307 Malwa Plastic Products (P) Ltd. PVC Suction Hose & HDPE/Rigid Pipes Pithampur
308 Man Aluminium (I) Ltd. Aluminium Profiles, Saw Pipe, Spire Pipe, P.E. Coatings Pithampur
309 Man Force Trucks (P) Ltd. Mfrs of Trucks Pithampur
310 Man Industries India Ltd. Aluminium Section Pithampur
311 Manas Engineering Automobile Components Pithampur
312 Manas Talc (P.) Ltd. Mfgs. & Supplier of Dolomite, Calcite Soap Stone, Pyrophyllite Pithampur
313 Mangal Foam Industries Latex Rubber Foam, Bus Sheet Pithampur
314 Mangal Products MS Wire & Wire Nail Pithampur
315 Manoj Surgical Industries Ltd. Disposable Syring & Needles Pithampur
316 Map Migha Ltd. Export Houses Pithampur
317 Maya Spinners (P) Ltd. Waste Cotton Yarn. Pithampur
318 Medgel Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Formulation, Pharmaceutical Product Pithampur
319 Medicaps Limited Empty Hard Gelatine Capsuls Pithampur
320 Medilux Laboratories (P) Ltd. Basic Drugs & Fine Chemicals. Pithampur
321 Medpak India Ltd. Air Bubble Film Roll & Pouch Pithampur
322 Meenakshi Marbels & Granite Pvt. Ltd. Granite Tiles Pithampur
323 Megha Spiners (P) Ltd. Manufacturing Cotton Yarn Pithampur
324 Meghna Ink Ltd. Printed Ribbon Tap. MICR Ribbon Pithampur
325 Mel Tech Alloy Powder (I) Ltd. High Speed Steel Alloy Pithampur
326 Memoon Enterprises Ice Manufacturer Pithampur
327 Memun Ice ICE Pithampur
328 Metacut Engineering (P) Ltd. CNC Machined Automobile & M/C Components Pithampur
329 Metalman Auto (P) Ltd. Auto Parts forTwo & Four Wheelers Pithampur
330 Metalman Industries Ltd. Cold Rolled, Steel Strips Coils Pithampur
331 Metro Engineering Manufacturers : Leaf Springs of All Vehical Pithampur
332 Mexican Agro Chemicals Ltd. Pesticides Formulation Pithampur
333 Migma Equipment (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
334 Milan Engineering Works Electric Motor & Machinery Pithampur
335 Millenium Structural India Ltd. Earth Wire & G.I. Wire Pithampur
336 Millennium Chemicals Chemicals Pithampur
337 Mimani Wires (P) Ltd. Wire & Cables Pithampur
338 Minda Sai Ltd. Wiring Harness Assemble Pithampur
339 Mishr Ispat Yantriki (P) Ltd. Engineers, Fabrication & Consultants. Pithampur
340 Mishra Udyog Pan Masala Pithampur
341 Mission Vivacare Limited Formulation, Pharmaceutical Product Pithampur
342 Mittal Appliances Ltd. Aluminium Utensils Pithampur
343 Mittal Crane & Hydro Dealer of MS Scrap, Heavy Machines-Loading/Unloading/Shifting Till 100 Metric Ton Pithampur
344 Modi Enterprises HDPE Woven Sacks Pithampur
345 Mohta Cement Port land Cement Pithampur
346 Nafe Petrochemicals   Pithampur
347 Nahar Metal Industries (P) Ltd. Cables & Wires Pithampur
348 Naidunia Print Pak Ltd. Pet Bottles I.V. Fluid Printing Pithampur
349 Nanak Chemicals Ltd. Chemicals Pithampur
350 Nanavati Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Roto Moulded Plastic Products Pithampur
351 Narmada Textile (P) Ltd. Elastic Lace Pithampur
352 Narmda Extrution Ltd. HDPE / PP Woven Sacks Pithampur
353 National Steel Industries Ltd. Export Houses Pithampur
354 Navbharat Automobiles & Plastic Industries Plastic Granuals Pithampur
355 Navyug Weld Wires Pvt. Ltd. Annealed Wire Welding Wire Pithampur
356 Neo Seck Ltd. HDPE/PP/ Woven Sacks & Tapes Pithampur
357 New Accurates Engineering Automobile Parts Pithampur
358 New Durga Wire Netting Works Spray Machine, Chain Link Facing Pithampur
359 New Super Flame Electronics Deals in All Types of Electronic Goods & Supplier Pithampur
360 New Tech Abrasives Ltd. Mfr. of Metallic Shots, Grits & Ingots. Pithampur
361 New Technochem Engineering Works and Fabrications   Pithampur
362 Nicholas Labs Formulation Life Saving Medicine Pithampur
363 Nishit Chem Products (P) Ltd. Chemical Porducts Pithampur
364 NKG Power Equipment P. Ltd. Distribution Transformers Pithampur
365 Noble Packaging Pet Bottles & Jars Pithampur
366 Om Engineering Works Spl.- Press Tools And Molds And All Tools Room Work Pithampur
367 Onida Saka Ltd. B/W TV, Colour TV Pithampur
368 P.K. Steel Industries Automobile Leaf Spring Pithampur
369 P.S. Camshafts (P) Ltd. Camshafts / Other Automobiles Spare Parts Pithampur
370 P.S. Industries Spl. in : Printing & Industrial Rubber Roll Processing Machine Pithampur
371 Pagare Industries Pvt. Ltd. Alloy Steel Section Pithampur
372 Pagasus Prima Prod. India Pvt. Ltd. Electronic Typewriter/Inking of Computer Ribbon Pithampur
373 Pal Electricals & Rewinding Workshop Rewinding Works Pithampur
374 Panam Packers HDPE/Poly Jute Fabrics Pithampur
375 Panasonic Battery India Company Limited Dry Battery Cell (Novino) Pithampur
376 Panjon Limited Panjon Tabs Pithampur
377 Panpacific Remides Pvt. Ltd. Tablets, Injections Pithampur
378 Parag Copigraph (P) Ltd. Carbon Less Paper / Fax Paper Pithampur
379 Parag Pentachem (P) Ltd. Metalic Stearate Pithampur
380 Paramount Industries   Pithampur
381 Paras Ferro Alloys (P) Ltd. Mfg. of Steel Wire And Co2 Welding Wire Pithampur
382 Paras Polyfab (P) Ltd. Manufacturer of : PP/HDPE Fabric & Bags Indore
383 Parasrampuria International Synthetic Fibre Yarn Pithampur
384 Parmar Engg. Works   Pithampur
385 Partap Wires and Alloys (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
386 Patidar Sales Corporation   Pithampur
387 Patni Engineering Ltd. Aluminium Extruded Products. Pithampur
388 Patwa Stones Stone Crushers Pithampur
389 PEB Steel Lloyd India (P) Ltd. Steel Pithampur
390 Pensol Industries Ltd. Lubricating Oil & Grease Pithampur
391 Perfect Auto Engineering Fabrication of Steel Works Pithampur
392 Perfect Boxes (P) Ltd. Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
393 Perfect Industries Metal Sheet Printing & PP Caps Pithampur
394 Pinnacle Industries Ltd. Seats Pithampur
395 Piramal Health Care Ltd. Pharmaceutical Pithampur
396 Pithampur Aluminium Sheet Metal (P) Ltd Aluminium Utensils. Pithampur
397 Pithampur Auto (P) Ltd. Auto Parts, Jobworks Pithampur
398 Pithampur Auto Cluster Ltd. Auto Cluster Pithampur
399 Pithampur Cables (P) Ltd. Automobile Wiring Harness & Battery Cable Assy. Pithampur
400 Pithampur Conzima (P) Ltd. AAC/ACSR Conductors, Bare Aluminium Wires Pithampur
401 Pithampur Crane Services Crane Services Pithampur
402 Pithampur Engineering Works Heavy Engineering Job, Turning Milling, Slotting, Hobbing, Shaping And New Gears Mfg., All Type of Job Works, Production Work & All Fabrication Work Pithampur
403 Pithampur Fastners Pvt. Ltd. All Types of Nails & Panels Pins Pithampur
404 Pithampur Oxygen (P) Ltd. Industrial Gases Pithampur
405 Pithampur Pharma Surgical Cotton Pvt. Ltd. Rubsovent Cotton Pithampur
406 Pithampur Plasticolours (P) Ltd. Mfg. of Colour Masterbatches & Plastic Compounds. Pithampur
407 Pithampur Poly Products Ltd. HDPE/PP Woven Fabrics. Pithampur
408 Pithampur Scrap Traders Deals in All Kinds of M.S. And C.I. Scrap And Finish Goods, Old Machinery Parts Pithampur
409 Pithampur Transformers Transformers Pithampur
410 Piyanshu Chemicals (P) Ltd. Resin, Dies & Chemicals Pithampur
411 Pluton Cement (P) Ltd. Cement Pithampur
412 Polyport Cement (P) Ltd. Port Land Cement Pithampur
413 Popular Packaging Bags, Rolls, Sheets Pithampur
414 Porfeet Industries   Pithampur
415 Porwal Auto Components Ltd. CI Castings SG Casting Pithampur
416 Porwal Diesel (P) Ltd. Diesel Engine & Pump Seet Pithampur
417 Prabhat Antoplast Pvt. Ltd. Plastic Injection Moulded Items Pithampur
418 Pragati Hydraulics Engineering Mfrs. of Hydraulic Cylinders & All Types of Precision Job Works Pithampur
419 Pragya Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Material Handling Eqpt. Pithampur
420 Pragya Hydro Equipments Hydraulic Equipments & Supplies Pithampur
421 Prakash Industries Ltd. Picture Tube Division Pithampur
422 Prakash Solvex Oil Refinery (Manufacturer Exporter & Importer) Pithampur
423 Prakash Soya Ltd.   Pithampur
424 Pranav Packaging Mfg.of Duplex Cartons & Multi Colour Printing. Pithampur
425 Prashanti Engineering Works (P) Ltd. Eicher Motor's Job Work Pithampur
426 Pratap Steel Rolling Mills   Pithampur
427 Pratibha Syntex Ltd. Cotton Yarn Pithampur
428 Precision Automotive Componenets India Ltd. Automobile Components Pithampur
429 Precision Engineering & Electricals Lathe Work, Motor Welding & Fabrication Works Pithampur
430 Precision Print Tech (P) Ltd. Printing Pithampur
431 Precision Stationery (P) Ltd. Stationery Pithampur
432 Precision Tightners Pvt. Ltd. Control Panel, Electric Control Pithampur
433 Precisions Coatings Pvt. Ltd. Surgical Adhesive, Plaster Pithampur
434 Prem Prakash Tubes Ltd. Mfg. Galvanised Pipe & Black Pipe Pithampur
435 Premier Weigh Bridge Weigh Bridge Pithampur
436 Priti Automotives (P) Ltd. Precision Components of Automobiles Pithampur
437 Priti Engineering Works Precision Components of Automobiles Pithampur
438 Priyanshu Chemicals (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
439 Punjab Crane Services Cranes forLoading,Unloading, Shifting, Transportation of Heavy Consigment, Installation of Heavy Machinery & All type of Errection Work Pithampur
440 Pushpak Electricals Motor Rewinding Pithampur
441 Quality Pressings Sheet Metals Components Pithampur
442 R. S. Electricals (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
443 R.G. Electricals Motor Rewinding Pithampur
444 R.K. Industries Powder Coating & Painting Job Work Pithampur
445 R.S. Electrical Pvt. Ltd. Tungsten Filaments Pithampur
446 Radha Swami Enterprises Vikram Cement Pithampur
447 Raghunath Industries Steel Metal Works Pithampur
448 Rahul Organic Limited Pesticide Pithampur
449 Rahul Precision Works Pvt. Ltd.   Pithampur
450 Raj Auto Ancillary Manufacturers of : Stamping (Lamination) For-Submersible Pump V-6 & V-4 Two Whiler Starter Motors, Wipor Motors, Fan Motors etc., Sheet Metal Components in CRC, CRC-EDD Brass & Copper Materials, Tool Room Facilities Available Pithampur
451 Raj Caps Industries PP Caps Pithampur
452 Raj Packwell Limited PP/HDPE Woven Sacks Pithampur
453 Raja Auto (Indore) (P) Ltd. Mfg. : U-Bolt, Center Bolt & Chasis Spare Parts Pithampur
454 Rajasthan Coach Builders (P) Ltd. Bus & Trucks Body Builders Pithampur
455 Rajat Roto Containers Pvt. Ltd. Water & Chemical Storage Tank. Pithampur
456 Rajendra Mahine Tools Mfrs. of Complete Rolling Mills 4" To 20" & Its Parts, Shearing Machines, Chilled Rolls, Furnace Pusher, Twisting Machine, Gear Box & Reduction Gear Box etc. Pithampur
457 Rajratan Global Wire Ltd. Steel Wire, Tyre Bead Wire Pithampur
458 Rajsheel Coir Foam Products (P) Ltd. Rubbered Coir Mattress, Cushions, Pillow, Filter. Pithampur
459 Rajshree Engineering (P) Ltd. Frame Assambling Pithampur
460 Rajshri Plastiwood Ltd. Rigid PVC Sheets Pithampur
461 Ralani Enterprises Mfg. of Nylon Rope PVC Pipe. Pithampur
462 Rama Industries Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
463 Raman Concast (P) Ltd. Mfr.of High Quality M.S. Ingot Pithampur
464 Raneka Engineering (P) Ltd. All Types of Steel Casting Pithampur
465 Raneka Industries Ltd. All Types of Steel Casting & Railway Parts. Pithampur
466 Rathi Iron & Steel Industries Ltd. Mfrs. In:- Iron & Steel Product Pithampur
467 Ratna Organics Pesticides Injecticides Formulation Pithampur
468 Ravi Agro Industries Manufacturers of : Agriculture Equipments, Spray Pumps, Barbed Wires, Cement Poles Pithampur
469 Raymond Limited (JK Files & Tools Division) Files, Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, Agri Tools Pithampur
470 Reliable Engineers Hardware Items. Pithampur
471 Resin And Pigments Stand Oil, Hard Resins Synthetic Resins Pithampur
472 Rinku Travels Tata Indica, Tata Sumo, Qualis, I-Kon, Honda City, Maruti Van, Tempo Trax, Staff Buses Pithampur
473 Rishi Laser Limited Design & Development- Punching, Sheet Steel Fabrication- Bending, Laser Cutting- Welding, Oxyfuel / Plasma Cutting Surface Treatment Pithampur
474 Ritspin Synthetics Limited Synthetic Yarn Pithampur
475 Rivolta Industries (P) Ltd. Manufacturer of : Automobile Parts Pithampur
476 Rockmet Wings (P) Ltd. Railway Parts Pithampur
477 Rohit Protien Pvt. Ltd. Soya Lacithien, Soya Flour Pithampur
478 Rohit Surfactants (P) Ltd. Detergent Powder & Cake Pithampur
479 Rosy Blue (India) (P) Ltd. Cutting & Plishing of Diamond Pithampur
480 Ruchi Powder Coatings Powder Coating Pithampur
481 S.K. Engineering Works Die, Tools & Job Works Pithampur
482 S.K. Steel Industries Manufacturing of Leaf Springs Pithampur
483 S.Kumar Detergent (P)   Pithampur
484 S.R. Engineering Works Lathe Work, Milling, Shaping, All Type Maching Work Tool Room And Fabrication Work And Industrial Pipe Line Pithampur
485 S.S. Engineering Works All Types of Engineering, Fabrication, Erection Works, Specialist of Power Press & Sharing Die for: Spring Cone & Corrugated Box Plants Pithampur
486 S.S. Sulphonators Acid Slurry Pithampur
487 Sabu Stone Flour Mills (P) Ltd. Stone & Parts forFlour Mills Pithampur
488 Sachchidanand Steel Sales (P) Ltd. Stainless Steel Pithampur
489 Sachdeva Industries (F) Recycling of Plastic Waste. Pithampur
490 Safe Flex International Ltd. Complete Range of FIBCs Pithampur
491 Safeway Packaging (P)Ltd. Packaging Pithampur
492 Safexpress (P) Ltd. Cargo Express Pithampur
493 Sai Precisions Manufacturer of Automobile Parts & Material Handling Conveyor Systems Pithampur
494 Saifee Glass   Pithampur
495 Saluja Auto Castings Mfrs. : Hanger & Shackle (Chasis Parts) Pithampur
496 Saluja Auto Industries Leaf Springs Pithampur
497 Samee Plastic   Pithampur
498 Sanchi Chemicals (P) Ltd. O.S. Dyes & Dye Intermediate Pithampur
499 Sanchi Organics (P) Ltd. Dyes & Dyes Intermediate Pithampur
500 Sanctus Drugs & Pharma Pvt. Ltd.   Pithampur
501 Sanghi Coach Builders (P) Ltd. Truck Body Builders Pithampur
502 Sanghvi Asbestose Cements Ltd. AC Pressure Pipes Pithampur
503 Sanjay Conductors-N-Insulation Enamelled Copper Wire Pithampur
504 Sanko Plastic (P) Ltd. Plastic Bottle Caps Pithampur
505 Sapana Poly Weave Ltd. Plastic Mats Pithampur
506 Sapna Polyweave Ltd. Plastic Chiks Pithampur
507 Sarveshree Industries (P) Ltd. Manufacturer of: Tested & I.S.I. Marked, C.T.D. Bars (Tar Steel), Size 8 MM To 25 MM Pithampur
508 Satyendra Rubber (P) Ltd. Manufacturer : Two, Three, Four, Wheeler's Auto Tubes & Cycle Tubes Pithampur
509 Saurabh Alloy Casting Ltd. Steel Casting Pithampur
510 Savi Fiber Composites Deals in Fibre & Ventilation - Air Pithampur
511 Sentex Industries Textiles Co. Pithampur
512 Sethi Resins Pvt. Ltd. MS Wire, Annealed Wires, HB Wires Pithampur
513 Shakti Flexi Film Pvt. Ltd. Multi Layer Plastic Film Pithampur
514 Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd. Submersibles Pump Pithampur
515 Shaktimaan Auto Fabricators (P) Ltd. Auto Fabricators Pithampur
516 Shape - N - Size Casting (P) Ltd. Aluminiun & Zinc Pressure Die Caster) Pithampur
517 Shepp Engineering Works FRP Prod. Pithampur
518 Shipon Chemicals (P) Ltd. Pesticides Formulations Pithampur
519 Shivalik Apparels (P) Ltd. IPF Vikram India Ltd. Mfrs. of Readymade Garments. Pithampur
520 Shivam Industries Powder Coating On Metal & Steel Furniture's, Colour Coated Coil Pithampur
521 Shivani Detergents (P) Ltd. Detergent Powder And Cake. Pithampur
522 Shivshakti Goswami Fabrication Channel Gate, Jali, Shahi Gate, Doors And Welding Work Pithampur
523 Shree Chlorates Chemicals Pithampur
524 Shree Dam Packaging Industries Manufacturer: All Kind of Wood Working & Packing Goods. Pithampur
525 Shree Jeetu Industries   Pithampur
526 Shree Krishn Poly Pack Manufacturers of : HDPE / PP Woven Sacks, Fabrics & Tarpaulin Pithampur
527 Shree Krishna Road Carriers Transport Contractor & Commission Agent, Eicher, Mazda, Tata-407, Available for: Goa, Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Hydrabad, Mumbai, Pune, Vapi, Silvasa, Daman, Gwalior, All Gujrat, M.P. & Maharashtra Full & Part Load forAll Over India Pithampur
528 Shree Laxminarayan Industries Powder Coating Pithampur
529 Shree Pacetronix Ltd. Pest Maker, Medical Life Care System. Pithampur
530 Shree Shakti Industries Mechanical Manufactures Bolts, Nuts, Stay Sets, Earth Coil etc. Indore
531 Shree Tirpati Balajee Agro Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of HDPE/PP Woven Sacks Pithampur
532 Shreyas Auto Engineering (P) Ltd. Automobiles Parts Mfrs. Pithampur
533 Shri Agrasen Oil Refinery Authorised Hazardous Best Disposal Pithampur
534 Shri Sai Engineering Works Sheet Metal, Dai Works, Lathe, Works Welding Works Pithampur
535 Shubham Engineering Works All Kinds of Lathe & Milling Works Pithampur
536 SICGIL Industrial Gases Ltd. Largest Manufacturer of Food Grade Liquid CO2 & Dry Ice Pithampur
537 Sigma Engineers Work Shop forMachining And Fettling Pithampur
538 Sigma Engineer's Fettling of Cam Shaft And Lathe Machining Work Pithampur
539 Silver Oak India Limited Bleding & Bottling Pithampur
540 Simple Petech (P) Ltd.   Pithampur
541 SK Steel Industries Leaf Springs Pithampur
542 Socrus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Injecable Ointments, Pharmaceuticals Pithampur
543 Sonat Products Ltd. Dabur Amla Hairoil & Tooth Powder Pithampur
544 Sonic Biochem Extractions Ltd. Soya Products Pithampur
545 South Eastern Carriers (P) Ltd. Transport Pithampur
546 Speed Engineering Works F.R.P. Parts And Accessories of Motor Vehicles. Pithampur
547 Spentex Industries Mfrs. Synthetic Yarn Pithampur
548 SPM Autocomp Systems (P) Ltd. Razing Coating Pithampur
549 SRF Limited SRF Packaging Files Business Pithampur
550 Standard Hardware   Pithampur
551 Star Strips Ltd. Re-rolling Mill. Pithampur
552 Sterling Structurals Ltd. Joints, Channels, Automobile Leaf Spring Flats, Tor Steel etc. Pithampur
553 STI India Ltd. Textile Pithampur
554 Stimex Engineers In-Situ Machining On Turbine, Reconditioning of H.P. Valves At T.P.S., Mfg. of Buckets & Heavy Structural Work, Supply of Turbine Components, Transmission & Microwave Towers Pithampur
555 Sun Plastics Polythene Bags Pithampur
556 Sunanda Tiles Cement Flooring Tiles, Mosaic, Galicha, Marbleised All Varieties. Pithampur
557 Super Fit Auto Industries Mfrs. of Leaf Spring & Trolly Assembly Pithampur
558 Super Sack (P) Ltd. Mfrs. & Exporter of HDPE / PP FIBC, Woven Sacks & Tarpaulin Pithampur
559 Superfit Auto Industries Auto Leaf Spring Pithampur
560 Supreme Engineering Works Engineering Works Pithampur
561 Supreme Industries Ltd. BOPP Films Pithampur
562 Sureka Paper & Containers (P) Ltd. Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
563 Surya Fibers Mfrs. of FRP Motor Bodies & Aluminium Sliding Windows Pithampur
564 Surykiran Polypack (P) Ltd. Manufacturers of : HDPE / PP Woven Sacks & Fabrics Pithampur
565 Susan Autocom (P) Ltd. Sheet Metal Forgings Pithampur
566 Suvarna Composites (P) Ltd. FRP Products Pithampur
567 Swan Industry Enterprises Paper Cone Pithampur
568 Swaraj Technocraft (P) Ltd. Byre Machines Pithampur
569 Syncom Formulations India Ltd. Medicines Pithampur
570 Synthochem (P) Ltd. Titanate Organic Components, Chemicals Pithampur
571 Tam Bran Pharma Pvt. Ltd. I.V. Fluid Pithampur
572 Tam-Bran Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Mfr of : I.V. Fluids Pithampur
573 Taneja Iron & Steel Company Ltd. Mfrs. And Supp. of Spring Steel Flats, Leaf Springs, U-Bolts, Center Bolts Pithampur
574 Taneja Steel (P) Ltd. Auto Leaf Spring Pithampur
575 Tata Chemicals Ltd. Detergent Powder. Pithampur
576 TCI Supply Chain Solutions Transport Corporation of India Pithampur
577 Tech Mech Con. Fabrication & Errection Pithampur
578 Technocem Engineers Mfg. of Castings (Railway Parts & Others) Pithampur
579 Technochem Engineering Railway Parts Pithampur
580 Technoforge Ltd. Forgins, Eicher Motor Parts Pithampur
581 Teknik Engineers Transmission Pithampur
582 Ter-X-Pro India (P) Ltd. BOPP Film, Capacitor Film Pithampur
583 Texpro Films Pvt. Ltd. BOPP Films Pithampur
584 The Dhar Textile Mills Ltd. Mfrs. of Cotton Yarn. Pithampur
585 Tiki Enterprises Betumen & Allied Products Pithampur
586 Tirupati Chemicals Pigment Colour Pithampur
587 Tirupati Enterprises Auth. Dealer of Machine Tool, Accessories, Special Cutting Tools Pithampur
588 Torino Laboratories (P) Ltd. Pharmaceutical Formulation Pithampur
589 Tri Star Rubber Pvt. Ltd. Rubber Bushers, Rubber Moulding Pithampur
590 Triveni Conductors Limited Super Enamelled Copper Wires Insulated Submersible Winding Wires Pithampur
591 Triveni Shinton International Ltd. S.S. Wires Pithampur
592 U.P. Iron Works Steel Fabrications Pithampur
593 Udit Engineering Works Auto Leaf Spring Pithampur
594 Ujala Electricals Electrical Spares Engineering Pithampur
595 Uma Industries Tudulkar Rivets Pithampur
596 Unichem Laboratories Laboratories. Pithampur
597 Unique Safety Equipment All Kinds of Welding & Safety Equipments Pithampur
598 Universal Electrodes Pvt. Ltd. Welding Electrodes Pithampur
599 Universal Metal Pressing Ltd. Sheet Components forScooter Pithampur
600 Uno Foods (India) Ltd. Packaged Drinking Water Pithampur
601 Unwin Packaging Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
602 Upika Tools   Pithampur
603 Usha Ispat Ltd. Gold Rolled Coated Unquoted Profiles Pithampur
604 V. Kasat & Co. Chartered Accountants Pithampur
605 Vasant Electricals Industries Electrical Contractor, Control Panels, S.S. Fabricarion, Cabletrays, M.S, G.I., S.s. Pithampur
606 Vascon Construction Co. Pithampur
607 VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. Gear Box Assembling Pithampur
608 Venus Engineering Machinery Works Stamping Pithampur
609 Versatile Paper Containers Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
610 Versha & Paper (P) Ltd. Mfrs. of Corrugated Boxes. Pithampur
611 Vertex Technosoft Ltd. Acrylic Blanket & Mats Pithampur
612 Vidyut Electro Platers Zinc Plating Pithampur
613 Vijay Industries Fishing Nets Pithampur
614 Vijay Shree Fans & Cooler (P) Ltd. Mfrs. of Sunny Cooler Pithampur
615 Vijay Weldmesh Pvt. Ltd. Welded Wiremesh Pithampur
616 Vijayshree Fans & Coolers Pvt. Ltd. Cooler & Fans Pithampur
617 Vikas Auto Components Auto Components Pithampur
618 Vikas Filler Merals Ltd. M.S. Wire Nails Pithampur
619 Vikas Filler Metals Ltd. Wire Nails / Weld Mesh Pithampur
620 Vikram Rethane Pvt. Ltd. Polyutethane Automobile Pithampur
621 Vikram Urethane (P) Ltd. Mfrs. of Detergents & Soaps. Pithampur
622 Vindas Chemical Industries (P) Ltd. Medicine & Pharma Pithampur
623 Vini Plasto Impex (P) Ltd. Plastic Moulded Goods Pithampur
624 Vinod Industries Zinc Plating Pithampur
625 Vipin Foundry R.P. Granuals Pithampur
626 Visage Engineers Machinery Parts Pithampur
627 Vishal Industries Machine Jobwork Pithampur
628 Vishwa Organics (P) Ltd. Acid Slurry & Detergent Cakes. Pithampur
629 V-Trans India Ltd.   Pithampur
630 Wecor Packaging Manufacturers of : Corrugated Sheets & Boxes Pithampur
631 Windal & Windal   Pithampur
632 Windals Auto Pvt. Ltd.   Pithampur
633 Wood Craft Mfg. Co. Manufactur of SH, SR, PCV Furniture Rips Pithampur
634 Worth Pack (P) Ltd. Mfrs. of Corrugated Boxes Pithampur
635 Worth Peripherals (P) Ltd. Peripherals Pithampur
636 Yadav Engineering Works Maintenance & Repairing Pithampur
637 Yogesh Cushion Mfg. Co. Automobile Components Pithampur
638 ZYG Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Creams Ointment, Gel Pithampur